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Tiff + Jen – Theresa Roemer’s Closet

Have you ever dreamed of a three-story closet with separate floors strategically arranged in the order of the way you get dressed? Enter – the “she cave”, otherwise known as Theresa Roemer’s 3,000 square-foot closet. We couldn’t help but gush over the gorgeousness seen inside of the dressing space (seriously, there is a champagne bar ...

New York Magazine – Three-Story Closet

Theresa Roemer is famous for her outrageous, multi-story storage boudoir — a 3,000-square-foot, three-story closet with a Champagne bar. Cosmopolitan interviewed her and acquired good information about the logistics of organizing a two-million-dollar wardrobe. view NY Magazine article 

Life & Style – $500,000 Closet

There's a woman in Texas who literally lives by the saying "Everything's bigger in Texas." Meet 52-year-old Theresa Roemer, a former beauty-queen-turned-entrepreneur whose closet is bigger than most homes.   view Life & Style article

Huffington Post – Closet bigger than your Closet

For many of us, a 3,000 square-foot, three-story space sounds like the kind of thing our real estate dreams are made of. For one woman in Texas, however, it’s just one very important part of her home. In a space larger than most major city apartments lies Theresa Roemer’s closet. The wonderland of shoes, clothes and ...

USA Today – Female Man-Cave

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — It's a closet many women dream of having, but Woodlands resident Theresa Roemer made her dream a reality. With the help of her friend, designer Thom Anderson from Houston, Roemer created a three-story, 3,000-square-foot boutique-like space to house her breath-taking collection of designer labels. It was such an achievement, it was recently featured ...