Theresa Roemer has been a small business owner since opening her first fitness facilities in Wyoming in 1991. Currently, she is the CEO of Theresa Roemer, LLC and oversees the development of several lifestyle brands. She recently opened a showroom in Houston, Texas where she is creating a bespoke fitness and clothing wear line, as well as a home and décor line.Theresa’s passion for health and helping people started as a young age. As a sickly child, she was diagnosed with a heart condition she was told would hold her back. Determined to prove the doctors wrong, Theresa began her lifelong journey to stay active, healthy, and physically fit.

An extreme supporter of many local and national charities, Theresa is a board member for Child Legacy International, making frequent trips to Malawi to build sustainable programs for children there, teaching them how solar and wind create electricity, and installing clean water filtration systems. She is a member of the Circle of Red for the America Heart Association and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Theresa has been an ambassador for the Texas Children’s Hospital since 2008.

As a child Theresa was diagnosed with rheumatic fever many times over, which caused her to have a heart murmur; she was sickly and her doctors diagnosed her with a lifetime of physical constraints. Theresa opened her chain of fitness centers, Body by Design in Wyoming in 1991 and ran five facilities through 2000, while also providing personal training services through her company Phenomenal Physiques during this time. She took the U.S. Open title in body building at the age of 40, and in the year 2010 Theresa held the titles of Mrs. Houston U.A., Mrs. Texas U.A., and was the 1st runner up for Mrs. United America concurrently. In 2011 Theresa climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for Child Legacy International.

It is a tradition in the Roemer home that Sunday nights are “pizza night”, which are especially reserved for family.