Tiff + Jen – Theresa Roemer’s Closet

Have you ever dreamed of a three-story closet with separate floors strategically arranged in the order of the way you get dressed? Enter – the “she cave”, otherwise known as Theresa Roemer’s 3,000 square-foot closet. We couldn’t help but gush over the gorgeousness seen inside of the dressing space (seriously, there is a champagne bar on the second floor). But besides the obvious glamour and attraction to this fabulous closet, we also became inspired by Theresa’s message and efforts to extend her sacred space for charity events.

Theresa Roemer is an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. She built a line of fitness clubs, which she has since sold and is currently the CEO of several small businesses, including a fashion line launching in the Fall. Theresa is an obvious lover of fashion, but her passion is in giving back. She shares her special space with family, friends, and hosts champagne parties for various charitable causes. We were honored to get to ask a few questions about her work, her style, and of course, her closet. Check it out –

T+J: Who are your top 3 favorite designers?
TR: My favorite designers are Donna Karan, Emilio Pucci, and Christian Louboutin.

T+J: What type of events do you hold in your closet? Which has been your favorite and why?
TR: Charity events are the events that I hold in the closet. My favorite event was with an intimate group of women that did some private fundraising. Together, we ate, we drank, we laughed a lot and raised money.

T+J: Who is your style icon?
TR: My style icon is most definitely, Cher – She has always dressed her own way and always owned the look. This is why I designed my line in a way that women could take individual pieces and create their own look.

T+J: What are your favorite type of accessories to wear for day? For night?
TR: Night- great jewelry, good shoes, good purses
Day- good watches, good sunglasses, good purses, good shoes

T+J: Were you a fashionista while growing up?
TR: I was a “tomboy” until high school then became aware of fashion almost overnight.

T+J: What was the first designer piece you bought for yourself?
TR: The first designer piece I bought myself was a little Louis Vuitton clutch at 18 yrs. old.

T+J: If you had to pick one pair of shoes to wear everyday for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?
TR: A pair of black red sole pumps, they can take me everywhere.

T+J: What is the best style advice you have for others to stay stylish everyday?
TR: Stay true to yourself, create your own style and then own it. You can look amazing even in workout attire, as long as you have a great handbag to compliment it.


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