Life & Style Weekly – Texas Fashionista’s 3-Floor Closet

There’s a woman in Texas who literally lives by the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas.”

Meet 52-year-old Theresa Roemer, a former beauty-queen-turned-entrepreneur whose closet is bigger than most homes.

For a segment on Good Morning America Wednesday, the morning show gave viewers an inside look at married mom’s staggering three-floor, 3,000-square-foot digs, which she also uses to host fundraisers.

“I’ve just always had this fascination with beautiful closets because to me, my closet is my retreat,” she explained to special contributor, Bachelor alum Melissa Rycroft. “Men can have their man caves, I like to look at mine as a she cave.”

So how much did her “she cave” cost? A whopping $500,000.

And if you think that’s a lot, she admits the items within this amazing space cost a total of $2 million. (But shh, don’t tell her husband, she says. l.o.l.)

Theresa Roemer Good Morning America

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